A fun game that contains two levels. Although the game looks easy, it actually is the complete opposite! I know I was sitting for a couple of minutes just trying to pass the first level. Overall I had fun making it. I made the game in Sploder and used the “retro arcade game maker” to make my game. I wasn’t sure how to place “baddies” so I watched a Youtube video to show me. Realized it was easier than I thought. I wanted my game to resemble an old Mario game, but have the player think smarter, not harder when it comes to a game that looks relatively easy. I hope anyone that plays this has a fun time! Let me know what you think? Want to see more levels?

Game: http://www.sploder.com/?s=d005lqof

In this video I created a simulation of the web. I wanted to show that there are different levels to the web. There is the surface web, deep web, dark web.

From this course I’ve learned that how drugs and technology are the only two thing that call their…

In this text analysis, I see how the words are in the shape of a purse. When making this image, I noticed that the syle of the purse would change depending on the font size; however, I choose this purse size because I liked the way the words “entrepreneurs,” “celebrities,” and “famous” stand out. I think this word collage shows a theme of making words that most people dream to achieve or either view as “big” or “better” in society. It’s interesting how this image gives some kind of personality that most of society is constantly looking up to, especially on social media.

Amber Brown

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